About Us

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I have a small little woodshop in a small little town in West Virginia, right on the banks of the Ohio river. It's just me, a work bench and some tools I've collected over the last 10 or 15 years. I'm a first generation woodworker so my journey has been interesting and fraught with "learning experiences"as I have learned to call them.. mistakes - lots of them, but there really is no better way to learn.

I spend quite a bit of my time making dining tables, coffee tables cutting boards and even game tables. I have always loved the idea of making something that's going to bring people together...

Whether you purchase anything today or not I certainly appreciate your time, thank you for visiting.

- Ben


I mill all my own lumber, meaning I get in rough cut lumber and break it down into smaller workable pieces. I am lucky enough to have virtually an endless supply of beautiful furniture grade hardwood lumber. Cherry, Maple, Black Walnut, Ash, Beach, Chestnut, and always beautiful exotic woods such as Purple heart, Yellow heart and Paduke.



Mr. Tom Esham, a master carpenter. Upon his passing he and his son Todd graced me with access to his private shop. And Mr Esham's remarkable collection of top grade lumber. I have been and will forever be grateful.

Is before his passing he had done all the trim and his entire home from basement to attic in solid local Cherry, A project typically more suited for painted pine... It is absolutely beautiful. I would not have the skills nor the shop nor the experience without their generosity.







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A small and perfect place to work, I appreciate how everything has its place and how the work becomes meditative once you start putting a plan together. Materials, Cut list and Safety all require attention. The shop is a humble little brick building 24 by 24 heated with a wood-fired stove.


Unique and Handmade

I guarantee everything I make, because everything I make is made one at a time by hand by me.


High Quality Materials

I personally hand pick all the lumber for each project.


Made to Last

Honesty and Quality Craftsmanship are things you can count on at American Family Hardwood Co.

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Mindi B

The quality and durability are remarkable.

Mindi B.

West Virginia
Sandra M

Ben does awesome work, my cutting board was so pretty it took me awhile to use it.

Sandra M.

MK Watts

I received phone calls from my neighbors telling me how much they loved my planters.

MK Watts

South Carolina
Kim M

Love my cutting board!! Great craftsmanship. I've ordered another one with specific measurements. Can't wait to get it!! Ben is the best.

Kim M.

William K

Ben, You do great work.

William K.